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    Shaffer & Your Accident Injuries: Do You Need Someone to Fight for You?

    It’s one of the nightmares of modern life. A violent collision on the road shatters your health, sense of safety and peace.

    You’re upset that a careless driver did this to you. You’re scared about what comes next—all the ways that a serious injury can change everything.

    One of the best tools you may have to start setting things right is a personal injury claim. You have this type of legal claim when the person who harmed you acted with negligence.

    Your claim can provide the resources you need to restore your financial security and ability to live your fullest life. Get there with Shaffer & You.

    Shaffer & Shaffer West Virginia car accident lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for clients and taken hundreds of cases to trial. Together they have more than 200 years of legal experience.

    We will do the hard work your case demands, and that you deserve.

    Talk to us if your crash was with another personal vehicle, or with a commercial driver, such as:

    ALERT: Under West Virginia law, you have two years from the day of the car accident to file a personal injury claim.

    Don’t delay talking to our personal injury lawyers in Charleston or Madison.

    Shaffer & Shaffer has been fighting for West Virginians for more than 115 years. We’re here for you.

    Since 1909, Clients, Community, Commitment.

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    What Your Auto Accident Attorney Does for Your Case

    After an accident, you should get medical attention right away. It’s important to take care of yourself first of all. And your medical treatment will produce documentation for your legal claim.

    If you’re able, take multiple pictures of the damage and the accident scene. Get the license plate, and insurance and contact information for the other driver. Gather contact information for any witnesses who were passing by.

    This is the kind of work that goes into building your car accident case:

    • Investigating the accident itself
    • Talking to the witnesses
    • Collecting the medical records of your injuries
    • Collecting evidence establishing the other driver’s negligence
    • Identifying the types of damages you should receive
    • Discussing the case with insurance companies
    • Drawing up and filing documents
    • Fighting for compensation in court, if needed

    It’s best if you let your West Virginia auto accident attorney deal with insurance companies on your behalf—always with the focus on protecting your rights—rather than you talking to them directly.

    Your lawyer will take care of gathering, organizing, and presenting your information to give you the best chance at receiving financial assistance that truly helps.

    After you were wronged, let us help you get what’s right and look forward to better times.

    An experienced defective-product attorney will know what questions to ask and what evidence to gather.

    When your life has been disrupted because a device you were using failed and harmed you, getting the maximum compensation available can make a big difference for you.

    Shaffer & Shaffer personal injury lawyers can help you pursue what you need to move on with your life.

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    West Virginia lawyers Ryan Walters and Chip Shaffer from Shaffer & Shaffer at a conference table in front of a laptop, law books behind them. We provide answers to your personal injury questions.

    Have a Question about Personal Injury Claims?

    After a life-altering accident, you’re understandably upset, confused and full of questions. To help you get a sense of what’s next, we’ve prepared answers to common questions about personal injury claims and other legal cases.

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