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    Shaffer & Your Workplace Mistreatment Case: Helping You Get Compensation.

    When your employer crossed legal lines in the way they treated you at work, you could be entitled to back pay, future missed pay, damages to punish them for bad behavior, compensation for emotional distress and more.

    It’s painful to have your relationship with your bosses turn poisonous.

    Employment discrimination can take the form of wrongful termination, demotion, punitive changes in your shifts, worse hours, excluding you from bonuses, and passing you over for raises.

    You need an ally. You need to connect Shaffer & You.

    Shaffer & Shaffer West Virginia employment lawyers help with three major forms of abuse at work:

    Through an employment law claim, you can protect your financial future, correct a wrong in your workplace, and make sure your supervisors are held accountable for their actions.

    Talk to our lawyers in Charleston or Madison. They can negotiate a settlement with your employer, or take your case to court if needed.

    Shaffer & Shaffer has a 115-year history of fighting for West Virginians. Your employer may have pushed you down, but we put you first.

    Since 1909, Clients, Community, Commitment.

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    How Labor Laws Protect You from Harassment

    You also cannot be harassed in the workplace. Harassment comes in several forms:

    • Sexual harassment
    • Verbal bullying
    • Threats of violence
    • Hate speech
    • Online bullying

    Sexual harassment includes unwanted comments or advances, touching, expectation of “favors,” and negative job actions or wrongful termination because of your refusal of advances.

    A sexual harassment claim can include showing that your work environment is not only hostile, but an extreme, intolerable situation that nobody can be expected to endure.

    Verbal bullying includes name-calling, insults, or comments related to your age, sex (including sexual orientation), race, pregnancy, religion, disability, national origin, or military veteran status.

    Hate speech targets your personal identity. And online bullying is any of the above when it happens on social media or elsewhere in the internet.

    These situations are hard, but you don’t have to just quietly let it go.

    Let our employment lawyers help you demand fairness and restitution, so you can put this episode behind you.

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    More Ways We Can Help: Personal Injury Cases

    After a life-altering accident, you’re understandably upset, confused and full of questions. To help you get a sense of what’s next, we’ve prepared answers to common questions about personal injury claims and other legal cases.

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    “When I first met the attorneys and discussed my case, they assured me of their best—and I received it. Every phone call was answered and returned, and the guidance I received was always in my best interest. Richard was the lead attorney and worked hard in his efforts to assist me and make a wrong a right. And he did!!!!”

    David Q. in a review of Shaffer & Shaffer


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