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    Shaffer & Your Truck Wreck Case: Do You Need Help Stabilizing Your Life?

    You may be in shock after a violent accident with a semi truck on a West Virginia interstate, and understandably so. A collision with such a large truck cause serious injuries and disruptions to your life.

    The medical bills run up quickly. You may be missing work and paychecks. You wonder, “What am I going to do?”

    You need the right team: Shaffer & You. The highly experienced West Virginia personal injury attorneys at Shaffer & Shaffer can help you steady your life.

    Compensation from a personal injury claim can keep you financially secure as you cope with a major trauma like this.

    You can receive payment for medical costs, lost wages, future expenses, suffering, and more.

    Our semi truck accident lawyers in Charleston and Madison have helped thousands of people, taken hundreds of cases to trial, and secured multi-million-dollar settlements.

    We always focus on the best outcome for you, whatever it takes. Shaffer & Shaffer’s track record of service to its clients stretches back over a century.

    Talk to us about how you can move forward.

    Since 1909, Clients, Community, Commitment.

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    EMTs care for a man sitting in a car after an accident. Shaffer & Shaffer's West Virginia 18-wheeler accident lawyers help people with multiple kinds of injury accidents.

    Types of Help You Can Get from Our 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers

    In addition to the legal legwork of gathering evidence, Shaffer & Shaffer personal injury attorneys can negotiate with insurance companies and help you determine whether pursuing a settlement or going to trial is your best option.

    You should know: Your best interests are our only interest.

    All personal injury cases require establishing negligence on behalf of the person who caused harm. With more than 200 years of combined experience among our attorneys, we know what to look for.

    We also help with multiple other types of accident injury cases. It doesn’t have to be a semi truck crash. These are a few examples:

    And in the most horrible kind of accident—when you’ve lost a loved one in a wrongful death caused by someone’s negligence—we are here for your family.

    Whether you live in West Virginia and were injured by an 18-wheeler, of if you were driving through West Virginia on the interstate when the collision occurred, Shaffer & Shaffer can help you put this shock behind you.

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    West Virginia lawyers Ryan Walters and Chip Shaffer from Shaffer & Shaffer at a conference table in front of a laptop, law books behind them. We provide answers to your personal injury questions.

    Have a Question about Personal Injury Claims?

    After a life-altering accident, you’re understandably upset, confused and full of questions. To help you get a sense of what’s next, we’ve prepared answers to common questions about personal injury claims and other legal cases.

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